What does non-profit military affiliate mean?

“To qualify for Military affiliation, you must be on a military base and be free of charge. If you meet those requirements we will waive the $3000 annual affiliate fee and the insurance requirement.” — CrossFit.com

CrossFit Vicenza offers classes for the military community stationed in Vicenza free of charge. Our staff is completely volunteer and does not get paid for any time spent coaching. CrossFit Vicenza also does not pay for any coach certifications. Unless otherwise stated, any fundraiser we do goes toward funding our in-house competitions and social functions. We do occasionally fund raise for equipment purchases when the gym is unable or unwilling to purchase equipment we would like to have.

Who can attend classes?

Anyone who has access to the military base Caserma Ederle in Vicenza, Italy can attend our classes. There is no fee to enter the gym or take any of our classes.

Where does CrossFit Vicenza workout?

CrossFit Vicenza utilizes the back room of the Caserma Ederle Fitness Center which is located in building Building 112. Building 112 is located to the South of the track and The Arena.

CFV will occasionally utilize the Caserma Ederle track for workouts as well as Caserma Del Din Fitness center on special occasions.