1. Warm Up
    10-12 min Pistols Progression Work
    (Rolling Pistols, Pistols to box, Band assisted pistols, Pistols on top of box)
    5-10 Overhead Mobility
    (Band external rotation, wrist mobility, tricep barbell rollout)
  2. WOD
    6 min AMRAP
    10 Pistols (alternate sides)
    5 Thruster 95/65
    5 Burpee

    REST 5 mins before Conditioning

  3. Conditioning
    10 min EMOM, altnertae between 1 and 2

    1. AMRAP
    9 OHS 95/65
    12 Snatch Grip Deadlift 95/65
    15 Sit Ups

    2. REST

  4. Cool Down
    8-10 min Row/Run, easy pace

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